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Do I have a Tennessee medical malpractice case?Doctors, nurses, and other health care providers spend a great deal of time learning how to treat a variety of illnesses and physical maladies. As a group, they are professionals dedicated to helping alleviate the ailments that plague mankind.

Unfortunately, health care providers are sometimes negligent in their actions. The effects of this negligence can be devastating. A medical malpractice case is a way to assist injured patients or the families of fatally injured patients to obtain a fair compensation for their medical malpractice injuries.

Please see our Medical Malpractice Questions.

In Tennessee medical malpractice cases, the plaintiff must prove certain things in order to recover an award in the case:

  • The physician had a duty to the plaintiff

  • There was a standard of care and that standard was violated

  • There is a compensable injury (i.e. damages)

  • Tennessee Medical Malpractice Lawyer
  • There is a causal connection between the violation of the standard of care and the damages.

If you or one of your loved ones has been wrongfully injured as a result of medical malpractice in Nashville or anywhere in Tennessee, let our medical malpractice lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve. We fight and work for you - not for the insurance companies. Please contact us today to discuss your situation.

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